Greek Chicken Recipe with Tzatziki Sauce

greek chicken recipe

This Greek chicken recipe with tzatziki sauce is light, zesty and flavor packed. Greek chicken and tzatziki are typically served with a Greek salad. We also suggest serving this with a side dish of olives.

Greek Chicken Ingredients

Tzatziki Sauce Ingredients


  1. Prepare the marinade by mixing the olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and lemon juice in a marinating dish.
  2. Cut up the chicken and place it in the marinade. Place the dish in the fridge overnight, for approximately 8 hours.
  3. Preheat your grill.
  4. Prepare the Tzatziki sauce by mixing the Just Add Yogurt Tzatziki Mix directly into the Greek yogurt and place in fridge.
  5. Lightly oil the grill grate and then place the chicken on the grill.
  6. Sprinkle the Greek Chicken Seasoning directly onto the chicken.
  7. Cook the chicken for up to 15 minutes per side. Serve and enjoy!

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to let the chicken marinate, you can simply sprinkle the Greek Chicken Seasoning and a little lemon juice directly onto the chicken while grilling instead.

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  1. Dorothy Hall says:

    I want to marinate a 4 pound pork roast with your Souvlaki seasoning. How much should I use? I have a 130 g bottle of Altius’ Souvlaki seasoning. Thank you!

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