A Commitment to Food Safety & Quality

Altius Spices and Seasonings inc. is committed to producing food products that are safe, legal and of the highest quality. This has been achieved via our SQF Level 2 certified food safety and quality program, which is audited yearly by a certification body. This program is supported through our multiple policies which reflect the management’s commitment to food safety and quality. These policies include implementing and adhering to:

  • A validated HACCP plan
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Legal requirements as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Strict allergen control program
  • Approved supplier program
  • Food Security Guidelines

Altius Spices and Seasonings Inc. management and employees commit to establish procedures and to follow those procedures to eliminate all possibilities of product contamination.

Altius Spices and Seasonings Inc. has undertaken a documented assessment of security arrangements and potential risks to products due to any deliberate attempt to contaminate or damage them. A Food Defense Program is in place and reviewed annually.

All raw materials, packaging materials, processing aids and finished products are identified and traceable from the supplier to the customer. Altius Spices and Seasonings Inc. is able to trace all raw material and packaging product lots from supplier through all stages of processing and dispatch and vice versa. Once a spice shipment reaches our facility, our quality control procedures include: systematic organoleptic as well as microbiological testing. We do all our micro testing outside using an accredited laboratory.

Altius Spices will ensure that all products are passed through a working metal detector prior to final packaging. Altius Spices and Seasonings Inc. has established documented procedures for the operation and testing of the metal detectors. Procedures include responsibilities for testing the equipment, operating effectiveness and sensitivity of the equipment, methods and frequency of test checks and the recording of the results of checks.