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Emporia offers you one of the most comprehensive selections of herbs, spices, seasonings and blends for all your culinary requirements. All are produced with the finest ingredients from around the world and prepared with the most dedication and integrity in the business. Whether creating something simple and tasty or complicated and delicious, Emporia’s superior quality and taste will accentuate all of your creations while enhancing your bottom line.

Something for everyone. Our ingredients have been carefully selected to become part of the Emporia brand. We have scoured every marketplace of the world to bring you the very best nature has to offer in all spices and herbs.

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To flavour your food with Emporia means…

  • Consistent quality that provides excellent results every time
  • You have one of the most extensive product offering available
  • Quality assurance through control standards and safety
  • Offering guests a delightful culinary experience

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At Altius, we understand the importance of making a ‘’flavourful’’ impression on your guests. That’s why we are dedicated to doing it. We believe that with our very competitive prices, top-quality products and flawless service, you will undoubtedly benefit from lowered meal costs, higher profit margins and greater customer delight.

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EF-88001ALLSPICE GROUND160 oz Jug22,35083
EF-88065BASIL LEAVES160 oz Jug285030
EF-88495BAY LEAVES – HAND SELECTED160 oz Jug22509
EF-88009BBQ SEASONING160 oz Jug24,975175
EF-88109BLACK PEPPER BUTCHER160 oz Jug22,27080
EF-88760BLACK PEPPER CRACKED160 oz Jug22,27080
EF-88108BLACK PEPPER FINE GROUND160 oz Jug22,27080
EF-88963BLACK PEPPER PREPARATION160 oz Jug23,000106
EF-88775BLACK PEPPER WHOLE160 oz Jug22,27080
EF-88011CAJUN SEASONING160 oz Jug22,65093
EF-88014CARAWAY SEED WHOLE160 oz Jug22,61092
EF-88017CAYENNE PEPPER160 oz Jug22,27080
EF-88035CELERY SALT160 oz Jug24,875172
EF-88019CELERY SEED WHOLE160 oz Jug22,25079
EF-88077CHILI POWDER MEXICAN160 oz Jug23,065108
EF-88255CHILIES CRUSHED160 oz Jug21,70060
EF-88025CINNAMON GROUND160 oz Jug22,50088
EF-90025CINNAMON STICKS 3″160 oz Jug21,30046
EF-88031CLOVES GROUND160 oz Jug22,35083
EF-88957CLOVES WHOLE160 oz Jug21,77563
EF-90028CORIANDER WHOLE160 oz Jug21,61057
EF-88958CORN STARCH160 oz Jug23,000106
EF-88257CUMIN GROUND160 oz Jug22,20078
EF-88155CURRY POWDER160 oz Jug22,27080
EF-88043DILL WEED TOPS160 oz Jug275026
EF-88046FINE HERBS160 oz Jug282529
EF-88049GARLIC GRANULATED160 oz Jug23,250115
EF-88054GARLIC MINCED160 oz Jug23,500123
EF-88259GARLIC POWDER160 oz Jug22,25079
EF-88115GARLIC SALT160 oz Jug25,410191
EF-88061GINGER GROUND160 oz Jug22,12575
EF-88047HERBES DE PROVENCE160 oz Jug292533
EF-88069LEMON PEPPER SEASONING160 oz Jug23,930139
EF-88119MIXED PEPPERCORNS160 oz Jug22,900102
EF-88965MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE160 oz Jug23,500123
EF-88084MUSTARD POWDER160 oz Jug22,25079
EF-88086MUSTARD SEED160 oz Jug23,675130
EF-88087NUTMEG GROUND160 oz Jug22,70095
EF-88263ONION CHOPPED160 oz Jug21,50053
EF-88262ONION GRANULATED160 oz Jug22,835100
EF-88266ONION MINCED160 oz Jug22,50088
EF-88268ONION POWDER160 oz Jug22,50088
EF-88096ONION SALT160 oz Jug25,350189
EF-88185OREGANO LEAVES160 oz Jug287531
EF-88125PAPRIKA160 oz Jug22,27080
EF-88075PARSLEY FLAKES CURLY160 oz Jug232511
EF-90030PICKLING SPICE WHOLE160 oz Jug22,31081
EF-88124ROSEMARY LEAVES160 oz Jug290032
EF-88127SAGE LEAVES160 oz Jug290032
EF-88961SEASONING SALT160 oz Jug24,910173
EF-88959SEASONING SALT NO MSG160 oz Jug25,175182
EF-88805SESAME SEEDS160 oz Jug23,150111
EF-88129STEAK SPICE COARSE160 oz Jug23,950139
EF-90039STEAK SPICE COARSE -NO MSG-NO SALT160 oz Jug23,000106
EF-88131TARRAGON LEAVES160 oz Jug237513
EF-88133THYME LEAVES160 oz Jug21,05037
EF-88134TURMERIC GROUND160 oz Jug22,61092
EF-88925WHITE PEPPER GROUND160 oz Jug22,55090
EF-88835ALLSPICE GROUND32 oz Bottle1247017
EF-88830ALLSPICE WHOLE32 oz Bottle1235012
EF-90024ANISE GROUND32 oz Bottle1245016
EF-88850ANISE SEED WHOLE32 oz Bottle1244016
EF-88068BASIL GROUND32 oz Bottle1237013
EF-88060BASIL LEAVES32 oz Bottle121907
EF-88213BAY LEAVES – HAND SELECTED32 oz Bottle12602
EF-88498BAY LEAVES GROUND32 oz Bottle1235012
EF-88300BBQ SEASONING32 oz Bottle1289031
EF-88214BLACK PEPPER BUTCHER32 oz Bottle1256520
EF-88102BLACK PEPPER GROUND32 oz Bottle1245016
EF-88962BLACK PEPPER PREPARATION32 oz Bottle1260021
EF-88770BLACK PEPPER WHOLE32 oz Bottle1257520
EF-88580CARAWAY SEED WHOLE32 oz Bottle1252218
EF-88440CAYENNE PEPPER32 oz Bottle1245016
EF-88030CELERY SALT32 oz Bottle1290032
EF-88785CELERY SEED GROUND32 oz Bottle1242015
EF-88780CELERY SEED WHOLE32 oz Bottle1245016
EF-88350CHILI POWDER MEXICAN32 oz Bottle1261122
EF-88245CHILIES CRUSHED32 oz Bottle1235012
EF-88520CHIVES RINGS DEHYDRATED32 oz Bottle12702
EF-88020CINNAMON GROUND32 oz Bottle1250018
EF-88222CINNAMON STICKS 3′32 oz Bottle122278
EF-88140CINNAMON SUGAR32 oz Bottle1285030
EF-88380CLOVES GROUND32 oz Bottle1247017
EF-88385CLOVES WHOLE32 oz Bottle1235513
EF-88270CORIANDER GROUND32 oz Bottle1238514
EF-88226CREAM OF TARTAR- PURE32 oz Bottle1282529
EF-88260CUMIN GROUND32 oz Bottle1242515
EF-88150CURRY POWDER32 oz Bottle1252018
EF-88979DILL SEED WHOLE32 oz Bottle1239514
EF-88229DILL WEED TOPS32 oz Bottle121505
EF-88880FENNEL SEED WHOLE32 oz Bottle1234212
EF-88900FINE HERBS32 oz Bottle121656
EF-88160GARLIC & PEPPER SEASONING32 oz Bottle1285030
EF-88048GARLIC GRANULATED32 oz Bottle1270025
EF-88410GARLIC MINCED32 oz Bottle1270025
EF-88235GARLIC POWDER32 oz Bottle1245016
EF-88110GARLIC SALT32 oz Bottle121,05037
EF-88360GINGER GROUND32 oz Bottle1237513
EF-88954HERBES DE PROVENCE32 oz Bottle121857
EF-88170ITALIAN SEASONING32 oz Bottle121656
EF-88280LEMON PEPPER SEASONING32 oz Bottle1282529
EF-88540MARJORAM GROUND32 oz Bottle1230511
EF-90032MARJORAM WHOLE32 oz Bottle121144
EF-88952MEAT TENDERIZER-UNSEASONED32 oz Bottle121,21543
EF-88279MIXED PEPPERCORNS32 oz Bottle1258020
EF-88960MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE32 oz Bottle1290032
EF-88420MUSTARD POWDER32 oz Bottle1245016
EF-88590MUSTARD SEED32 oz Bottle1273526
EF-88220NUTMEG GROUND32 oz Bottle1254019
EF-88242ONION CHOPPED32 oz Bottle1230011
EF-88239ONION GRANULATED32 oz Bottle1256720
EF-88243ONION MINCED32 oz Bottle1250018
EF-88244ONION POWDER32 oz Bottle1250018
EF-88050ONION SALT32 oz Bottle121,00035
EF-88188OREGANO GROUND32 oz Bottle1235513
EF-88180OREGANO LEAVES32 oz Bottle121907
EF-88120PAPRIKA32 oz Bottle1254019
EF-88070PARSLEY FLAKES CURLY32 oz Bottle12652
EF-88560PICKLING SPICE WHOLE32 oz Bottle1246216
EF-88840POPPY SEED32 oz Bottle1259521
EF-88450POULTRY SEASONING32 oz Bottle1258521
EF-88515ROSEMARY LEAVES32 oz Bottle121806
EF-88400SAGE GROUND32 oz Bottle1230011
EF-90031SAGE LEAVES32 oz Bottle121987
EF-88790SAVORY GROUND32 oz Bottle1235513
EF-88980SESAME SEED32 oz Bottle1263022
EF-90041STEAK SPICE COARSE NO MSG-NO SALT32 oz Bottle1261022
EF-88870TARRAGON LEAVES32 oz Bottle12753
EF-88430THYME GROUND32 oz Bottle1233512
EF-88438THYME LEAVES32 oz Bottle121756
EF-88910TURMERIC GROUND32 oz Bottle1252218
EF-88920WHITE PEPPER GROUND32 oz Bottle1251018
EF-88248WHITE PEPPER WHOLE32 oz Bottle1263022
D0160QAALLSPICE GROUNDLight Box12,27080
EF-88966BASIL LEAVESLight Box12,27080
EF-88967BAY LEAVES – HAND SELECTEDLight Box12,27080
K2600QACINNAMON GROUNDLight Box12,27080
D2500QACLOVES GROUNDLight Box12,27080
B1920QACREAM OF TARTAR- PURELight Box12,27080
EF-88969DILL WEED TOPSLight Box12,27080
EF-88970FINE HERBSLight Box12,27080
F2500QAGARLIC MINCEDLight Box12,27080
F2700QAGARLIC POWDERLight Box12,27080
D3500QAGINGER GROUNDLight Box12,27080
EF-88971HERBES DE PROVENCELight Box12,27080
A4700QAHOT CROSS BUN SPICELight Box12,27080
EF-88973OREGANO LEAVESLight Box12,27080
EF-88974PARSLEY FLAKES CURLYLight Box12,27080
D5800QAPOPPY SEEDSLight Box12,27080
EF-88975ROSEMARY LEAVESLight Box12,27080
EF-88976SAGE LEAVESLight Box12,27080
EF-88977TARRAGON LEAVESLight Box12,27080
EF-88978THYME LEAVESLight Box12,27080
EF-90004BBQ SAUCE MIXPail12,27080
EF-90005BBQ SAUCE MIXPail14,540160
EF-90006BBQ SAUCE MIXPail118,140640
EF-88987BEEF SOUP BASE – NO MSGPail12,27080
EF-88988BEEF SOUP BASE – NO MSGPail14,540160
EF-88989BEEF SOUP BASE – NO MSGPail118,140640
EF-88996BEEF SOUP BASE – REG.Pail12,27080
EF-88997BEEF SOUP BASE – REG.Pail14,540160
EF-88998BEEF SOUP BASE – REG.Pail118,140640
EF-90010BROWN GRAVY SAUCEPail12,27080
EF-90011BROWN GRAVY SAUCEPail14,540160
EF-90012BROWN GRAVY SAUCEPail118,140640
EF-88984CHICKEN SOUP BASE – NO MSGPail12,27080
EF-88985CHICKEN SOUP BASE – NO MSGPail14,540160
EF-88986CHICKEN SOUP BASE – NO MSGPail118,140640
EF-88993CHICKEN SOUP BASE – REG.Pail12,27080
EF-88994CHICKEN SOUP BASE – REG.Pail14,540160
EF-88995CHICKEN SOUP BASE – REG.Pail118,140640
EF-90008DARK BROWN GRAVY BASEPail14,540160
EF-90009DARK BROWN GRAVY BASEPail118,140640
EF-90013HOT CHICKEN SAUCEPail12,27080
EF-90014HOT CHICKEN SAUCEPail14,540160
EF-90015HOT CHICKEN SAUCEPail118,140640
EF-90001ONION SOUP BASEPail12,27080
EF-90002ONION SOUP BASEPail14,540160
EF-90016POUTINE SAUCEPail12,27080
EF-90017POUTINE SAUCEPail14,540160
EF-90018POUTINE SAUCEPail118,140640