Spice Culture, Our Latest Product Line!

Introducing “Spice Culture: Spice + Probiotic” spice mixes, our latest line of delicious, healthy and innovative products.

We carefully selected our favorite everyday spices, that offer a multitude of health benefits, then took those benefits to the next level by enhancing them with 500 million Ganeden BC30 probiotics in every serving! Probiotics are great for supporting both your immune and digestive systems. These spices will help supply your gut with the good bacteria needed to keep your body balanced and working the way it should.

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BBQ Collection Summer Sale 2018

BBQ Seasoning Sale

Our Summer Sale is on now! Make your summer BBQs even better with our BBQ Collection seasoning mixes.

Each bottle costs just $2.39, a 20% discount off regular pricing. The sale will be on until the end of August, so take advantage now and spice up your summer!

Some of our delicious seasonings:

Roasted Garlic & Pepper Seasoning

A robust blend of onion, roasted garlic and red bell pepper gives your favorite dishes a rich savory flavour.

French Fry Seasoning

Give your french fries and baked potatoes a kick with this zesty seasoning.

Hamburger Seasoning

Get out of the ordinary and make your burger extraordinary!

Olive Seasoning

Add a special touch to your next get-together by simply adding seasoning and serving your favorite olives warm.

…and more! Browse our online shop to see them all.

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BBQ Collection

BBQ Collection

Feta Seasoning

USD $2.99

BBQ Collection

Hamburger Seasoning

USD $2.99

BBQ Collection

French Fry Seasoning

USD $2.99

BBQ Collection

Salad Seasoning

USD $2.99

BBQ Collection

Olive Seasoning

USD $2.99

BBQ Collection

Chicago Steak Spice

USD $2.99


Altius Organic Herbs & Spices

At Altius we believe that flavor should never be compromised, which is why we are delighted to present our new line of Organic Herbs and Spices. Eating clean has never been tastier! We have searched the globe to find only the best growers that can guarantee our herbs and spices are 100% Organic, grown with no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Now you can prepare your favorite dishes with the purest most intense flavors that only our Organic’s have to offer. Rest assured that our raw materials contain no msg, dairy, soy or animal byproducts and are non GMO certified. Our premiere Organic collection was carefully selected to include spices that are not only delicious but offer a wide variety of health benefits.

Our new line of organic herbs and spices is now available in our online shop, have a look! Organic Herbs & Spices

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Organic Herbs & Spices

Organic Herbs & Spices Box

USD $19.90 USD $17.91

Organic Herbs & Spices

Thyme Leaves

USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

Ground Cinnamon

USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices


USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

Garlic Powder

USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

Ground Cumin

USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

Cayenne Pepper

USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

Ground Turmeric

USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

Onion Powder

USD $1.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

Oregano Leaves

USD $1.99

The Many Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

When it comes to giving our dishes a delicious and unique flavor, we all love our herbs & spices, but did you know that they also offer a wide variety of health benefits? Read on to see how some of your favorites don’t only taste great, but are also great for you! We found this info on wellnessmama.com, see below for the full link.


Most people have cinnamon around the house, but usually it’s been there for a few years! Cinnamon has the highest antioxidant value of any spice. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar and blood triglyceride levels. Cinnamon has also been used to alleviate nausea and to increase sensitivity to insulin and aid in fat burning. It provides manganese, iron and calcium. It’s antimicrobial properties can help extend the life of foods.

While cinnamon is an incredibly healthy and nutritious spice, it is often hard to branch out from the most common uses of cinnamon: cookies, muffins and desserts. Other places in the world cinnamon is used in savory and sweet dishes, everything from breakfast to dessert. I’ve even had it in chili before! Our most common uses are a tablespoon added to almond pancake batter, on apples baked for dessert or in homemade granola bars. It is a great addition to savory foods and in curry powders.


I add basil to practically everything I make, from eggs to vegetables to soups. Basil has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and can help prevent osteoarthritis. It has been used in digestive disorders and is being studied for its anti-cancer properties. Though commonly used in Italian cooking, Basil is a versatile herb that can be added to practically anything. Fresh is always best, but dried is ok too as long as it is freshly dried. Basil can be sprinkled in omelets, on baked or grilled veggies, in soups, on meats or sliced fresh into salads. Layered with tomato and mozzarella cheese, it makes a wonderful Caprese Salad.


Most households have garlic around in some form or another. Fresh cloves are always best, but powdered, minced and granulated forms provide excellent flavor. This is another one that goes into everything from eggs, to tuna salad, to baked fish for dinner. Studies show that just 2 fresh cloves a week provide anti-cancer benefits.


Cayenne has many health benefits and can improve the absorption of other nutrients in foods. It has been shown to increase circulation and reduce the risk of heart problems. Though available in capsule form, it is also a great addition to many foods. In small amounts, it can be added to practically any dish, meat, vegetable or sauce. As tolerance to the spicy flavor increases, the amount added can be increased also.


Oregano is a common ingredient in Italian and Greek cuisine, and they have the right idea! Oregano (and it’s milder cousin, Marjoram) are antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer and antibiotic. It is extremely high in antioxidants and has demonstrated antimicrobial properties against food-borne pathogens like Listeria. Its oil and leaves are used medicinally in treatment of cough, fever, congestion, body ache and illness. Combined with basil, garlic, marjoram, thyme and rosemary, it creates a potent antiviral, anti bacterial, antimicrobial and cancer fighting seasoning blend. It can also be sprinkled on any kind of savory foods. A couple teaspoons added to a soup will help recovery from illness.


One of my favorite herbs. Thyme is a member of the mint family and contains thymol- a potent antioxidant (and also the potent ingredient in Listerine mouthwash). Water boiled with thyme can be used in homemade spray cleaners and or can be added to bathwater for treatment of wounds. Thyme water can be swished around the mouth for gum infections or for the healing of wounds from teeth removal. Thyme tea can also be taken internally during illness to speed recovery. In foods, it is often used in French cooking (an ingredient in Herbs de Provence) and Italian. Add to any baked dishes at the beginning of cooking, as it slowly releases its benefits.

Take a look at our online shop to find all of the above herbs and spices at great prices, shipped directly to your door!

Full source article can be found here: https://wellnessmama.com/1092/health-benefits-of-herbs-spices/

We’re Promoting Our Just Add Yogurt & Grinder Collections at Various Costco Locations in Canada This Summer!

Altius Spices and Seasonings are proud to announce that our company will be promoting our Altius Brands Just Add Yogurt and Grinder Collection at various Costco locations this summer in Central and Eastern Canada. You may find great deals on our quality products at the following locations this summer. Please come out and visit us and tell your friends!

  • April 25th – May 07th | Costco #515 300 Bridge Street Montreal, Quebec, H3K 2C3
  • May 9th – May 21st | Costco #531 3180 Laird Rd., Mississauga, Ontario L5L 6A5
  • May 23rd – June 4th | Costco #535 100 Billy Bishop Way, North York, Ontario, M3K 2C8
  • June 6th – June 18th | Costco #162 100 Biscayne Cres., Brampton, Ontario, L6W 4S1
  • June 20th – July 2nd | Costco #541 770 Silver Seven Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, K2V 1A5
  • July 4th – July 16th | Costco #505 2999 AutoRoute 440, Laval, Quebec, H7P 5P4
  • July 18th – July 30th | Costco #529 1001 Jean Baptiste Roland, Saint Jerome, Quebec, J7Y 4Y7
  • August 1st – August 13th | Costco #532 635 Chemin De Touraine, Boucherville, Quebec, J4B 5E4
  • August 15th – August 27th | Costco #525 870 Montee Des Pionniers, Terrebonne, Quebec, J6V 1N9
  • August 29th – Sept 10th | Costco #528 5701 Trans Canada Nord, Pointe Claire, Quebec, H9R 1B7

We hope to see you there!

Why You Should Order Spices Online

Shopping for spices online is easier than ever before. In the past, many people thought going to the grocery store was the only way to find the spices and seasonings they’re looking for. There’s no question, if you’re already there, grabbing a bottle of spices is quick and simple, but what if you aren’t at the store? In many cases, ordering online can be a much easier, faster and cheaper option. There are a number of reasons why ordering spices online is just as good of an option as going to your local store. Take a look at our list:

1. Variety

Sometimes your local shop might not carry all the products you’re looking for. Here on our online shop, we carry every single one of our Altius products, all the time. This includes our latest product lines which are not even available in grocery stores yet. Now you don’t have to worry about getting to the store only to realize they don’t have the spices you’re looking for.

2. Convenience

Save yourself an unnecessary trip to the store. We understand that sometimes buying spices can be a last minute thing, but it shouldn’t have to be! If you knew how easy it was to order spices online you wouldn’t put it off until you run out. Take a look at your spice shelf, if you’re almost empty then it’s time to order. Go through our online shop and pick exactly what you need. You’ll be able to read the ingredients, nutritional information and more. Our products will be delivered to your door in 1 to 2 weeks.

3. Specials

We are always spicing things up in our online shop. Weekly sales, promotions on new product lines and newsletter specials are just some examples of why buying spices online can be a great alternative to your local store.

Order spices online and don’t worry about running out ever again!

Instead of getting just one bottle of spices and running out of another a week later, make a list of all the herbs, spices & seasonings you need and order them all at the same time. Not only will this save you a lot of time, but you’ll also get an amazing deal. On top of that, we offer free shipping on all orders over 40$. Our products have a shelf life of 3 years, so stock up!

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Limited Time Offer: Get 15% Off All Orders On AltiusSpice.com!

15 percent off spices and seasonings

At Altius Spices & Seasonings, we’re celebrating the summer in a big way. For a limited time only, order any products in our online store and get a 15% off discount, before shipping and handling. This summer is going to be a hot and spicy one!

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Altius is a premium spice house that offers the best quality ingredients for your Mediterranean, BBQ, Asian or Mexican recipes. Our spice blends are presented in beautiful grinders, giving a fresh and exotic taste to your unique culinary concoctions.

This offer expires on August 31st 2015.

Shop For Spices & Blends Online Today!

spices indian shop

We have an important announcement to make. Altius Spice’s one-of-a-kind online shop is now up and running!

For years, our customers have been asking us where they could find a specific spice or blend offered at Altius Spice. Not all of them are available at your local specialized grocery store, so we found a solution. Now, you can order our ingredients online in just a few minutes.

Once your favourite blends and spices have been added to your cart, you could proceed to checkout and add in your information. Our site is fully secured, and you can complete your purchase using a credit card or PayPal.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are offering free shipping & handling for all orders above $50!

There’s enough options for everybody’s taste buds. You will find our products in five main categories: our famous fish & seafood grinders, our meat & poultry seasoning grinders, the sizzling BBQ Collection, the delicious Mediterranean Collection as well as our wide selection of herbs & spices in 32 Oz bottles.

To visit the shop, click here. Take a look around, and we’re sure you’ll find what you are looking for!



New Website and Online Store Coming Soon!

online store shop spices

Edit: Our Online Store is now live!

Altius Spices & Seasonings is proud to present its fresh new website. We have modernized our platform so that you could easily browse through our selection of herbs and spices and learn more about our company. Over the past few years, we have become a staple in the food business. Restaurant owners and leaders in the food industry rely on Altius to deliver the highest quality ingredients.

So it’s official, Altius will now have an online store, delivering herbs & spices to your home. It’s a grand day for anybody who hates bland food.

From now on, the general public can also browse through our shop and make their own virtual spice rack at the click of a button. Once on our secured site, you could checkout and get all of your favourite condiments shipped right to your home.

Cooks and food lovers rely on a variety of ingredients to spice up their home-made recipes. While in the past, you could find Altius products in select grocery stores, soon they will be shipped to different homes all over the United States and Canada. We have distribution centers and local shipping in both countries, so our products reach their destination pretty quickly.

This is a game-changer for us and for all of our customers. You will be able to shop for spices online in less than two weeks! Meanwhile, you can learn more about our brands or find inspiration in our recipes section.

The magic date to remember is June 15th. It’s time to spice things up!